Atom`s child

Circus Robot & White Rabbit

Инжирный вечер
Сначала мне сделали дисконт карту этого кафе в Иваново, а потом, через год-два его открыли в Краснодаре х) а я выбрасывать ее думала :D


There is a myth that every photo taken of someone contains a piece of their soul. These pictures are an eternal impression; a shadow; an existence; a life. But when someone is nearing death, who is responsible for acquiring the final piece? 

Now for something a little different! This is a two page comic project for school about superstitions. Overall I am happy with the results for the comic but the process was very tedious ;_; Anyway, I hope you enjoy! 

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Look like as Willy Wonka

Krasnodar, Russia 

Original “DreamCatchers”
NHK 6.0 (2014)
Krasnodar, Russia

Porrim Maryam )